Rustic & Country Kitchen Gallery

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Rustic & Country Kitchen Gallery

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Rustic & Country Kitchen Gallery

Kitchens by Wedgewood is a Colorado company that specializes in kitchen design. One of the favorite designs at Wedgewood is our rustic kitchens. The wonderful part of rustic kitchen design is that it instantly creates a beautiful yet rugged image that goes well with the mountain or log cabin theme that many people throughout Denver have in their homes. A kitchen space should not only be functional and ergonomic, but also pleasing to the eye.

Wood kitchen cabinets were also meant for rustic country looks in the kitchen. Cabinets can be specially designed to store bulky kitchen appliances out of sight, hide and organize scattered items that tend to clutter up the countertops, or as decorative wine storage with a vintage twist. Cabinets with rustic-inspired doors complete the look. The possibilities are endless with kitchen cabinets and rustic design.

Rustic kitchens have the “worn and weathered” look that helps give a kitchen character so that it doesn’t look like the same kitchen you see day in, day out in most other peoples’ houses. The old world design of rustic kitchens is one of the reasons so many people fall in love with them as it allows them to instantly step into another world that depicts, for example, old Tuscany or a Mexican cantina. Old country villa kitchens are a spectacular sight when we are finished with them and will likely make you feel like you just stepped foot into the country kitchen would see only in a magazine.

If you have a rustic or country-inspired image in mind for your kitchen, let us know and we can help make it a reality. Photos of existing design ideas certainly help, but an image that you describe from you head is workable, too. Computer-aided sketches are available to help give you an idea of the options you have when redesigning your kitchen; these sketches can help bring your kitchen design ideas to life. We love custom rustic kitchen design projects, so bring us all your ideas and let’s build your dream kitchen together!

Our rustic kitchen design is the best in Denver as our many happy clients will tell you. Make your house into a home with one of our rustic kitchens or other beautiful designs. The kitchen is the heart of every home, so redesign your kitchen to your heart’s desire with the help of Kitchens by Wedgewood – your Denver source for unique and creatively-inspired kitchen remodeling services!

We Are Proud of Our Work

We’ve been doing what we do for more than 25 years and we are proud of our work. Our kitchen remodels and bath designs, like our projects, are varied and span contemporary to rustic, modern to country. Room to room, house to house, we recognize just how important your home is to you.

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