kitchen remodel backsplash ideas

6 Unique Backsplash Ideas for Your Kitchen Remodel

Your kitchen’s backsplash says a lot about you! Classic, modern, eco-friendly—a lot can be communicated simply by putting up a unique tile pattern on the kitchen wall. The next time your kitchen needs an update, give the backsplash some special thought during your kitchen remodel. Here are some ideas that might get your creative juices flowing! 1. Simple and Chic Read More…

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Home Design Insider: Fall Trends in Your Home

Summer is officially coming to a close as fall approaches with cooler and crisper air, changing leaves and seasons, and shorter days. Many people take some time to think about revamping or updating their home during this time before the holiday season is upon us. Oftentimes, a little work can go a long way toward creating inspiring, fun spaces that Read More…

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Mix and Match: Unique Ways to Blend Different Styles

Mixing and matching accessories in your space is a hot trend in home décor. But many homeowners balk at the idea of trying to achieve that perfect balance of funky cool, especially when it is so hard to make a coherent statement using a bunch of different materials. Mixing and matching is all about breaking with tradition in order to Read More…

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Unique Material Choices for Your Kitchen Cabinets

Some chefs might disagree (seriously, don’t mess with their prep spaces), but most homeowners would probably say that cabinets are the centerpiece of their kitchen. Cabinets can set the theme of your kitchen, and in turn, help determine the mood of your entire home. It’s safe to say that, with all the importance that is attached to kitchen storage, cabinets Read More…


Custom Hoods

Custom hoods, you tell us what size and style and we’ll build it

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Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s the room where people fortify themselves with a quick cup of coffee, make lunch for their brood or gather for impromptu story-telling sessions around a hot stove. That’s why it’s so important to plan your kitchen’s style with care. A remodeling project changes the way you feel about your kitchen – Read More…

plants inside home

Home Design Insider: Plant Life Makes Your House a Home

As you plan your next home remodel or refresh, consider adding an abundance of green to your design! No, not green wall paint or accessories – living, “breathing” houseplants. When you have a home filled with plants, everything seems a little fresher, literally and figuratively. You can even play with space using these living décor pieces, making a small room Read More…


Creative Use of Pine Beetle Cabinets

A great use of dead trees killed by the pine beetle and a way to take something that was destroyed and turn it into a stunning visual as part of your kitchen remodel. Looking to be green and use reclaimed wood, this is it!

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Innovative Trends for Your Kitchen Remodel

While you probably can’t remodel your kitchen every time a new trend comes around, it doesn’t hurt to dream! Here are some of the latest kitchen trends – from earthy to futuristic – that have been gaining in popularity. Living Wall: Spice Up Your Life While most people settle for a few potted herb plants on the windowsill, now you Read More…

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Home Renovation: Should You Remodel or Sell?

As a homeowner, you’ll be faced with many hard to make decisions during your lifetime. We’re talking more than choosing the paint color for the living room or deciding which light fixture goes best in the dining room. You’ll regularly face tough choices and painful-to-the-pocketbook realities: When to shell out for a new roof. Whether to repair or replace the Read More…