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Bathroom cabinets are the key to a new bathroom that is both stylish and functional. Custom cabinets must look good and create additional storage.

When planning your bathroom remodel, it is important to first establish your bathroom needs. Is space a major concern for you and your family? Do you want a bathroom that is both functional and attractive? Before you go out and purchase bathroom fixtures and building materials, and before you even design the layout, think about what your ideal bathroom will look like and then prioritize your needs.

A new bathroom is a major renovation which has the potential to add value to your home in terms of livability and resale value. When remodeling your bathroom space, it is important to answer the question, “what type of bathroom cabinet storage space will I need for my bathroom?”

There are wide ranges of different choices when it comes to custom cabinets in the Denver area for your new bathroom. However, in order to be confident you have chosen the correct cabinets for your bathroom, you must take a closer, in-depth look at their durability, size in regards to overall storage ability, and how well the style of cabinets fits in with the rest of the bathroom.

Here are a few of the more popular methods in transforming your once ordinary bathroom into something much more lavish through the use of bathroom cabinets:

  • Denver cabinet makers can create custom cabinetry designed to provide maximum storage, great looks, and ease of use. Tall cabinets, for example, can be placed on either side of the sink area to provide simple storage for those bathroom necessities.
    Small details such as electric plugs installed inside the cabinets can make everyday life easier while also helping to cover those ugly appliance cords. Extra-deep cabinet drawers give you out-of-site storage for taller shampoo bottles and such.
  • Small bathrooms can be made to look larger through the use of mirrored walls or mirrored cabinet doors. Artificial light and natural light is reflected and the room will be brighter. For a truly elegant feel, have your cabinet maker design these mirrors with gold- or silver-leaf frames.
  • To create additional, and sometimes much needed, floor space to a narrow room, you can have custom cabinets designed much more shallow than normal and then bump out the counter area around the sink. You’d be surprised how good a bathroom will look without the typical long, straight line of cabinets.
  • If the bathroom has any extra space, some homeowners have been installing a whole wall of cabinets built to store towels, rugs, and bathroom necessities.

Remodeling your bathroom with new custom cabinets is a smart investment. You’ll want to make sure you are choosing the right bathroom cabinet maker for your new project and your budget. Kitchens by Wedgewood will make sure you get the best in service and cabinets.

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